My Story

I stumbled across yoga about 15 years ago – I loved how yoga made me pause and take a breath. But it only became a constant in my life years later when I started working as a television journalist.

I turned to yoga to help me decompress and deal with the high pressures of working in live television. Right before going on air, I used to practice a few rounds of ujjayi breathing – the difference it made to my state of mind and focus was astounding!

I now teach at yoga events and retreats in Hong Kong. I am also the Mind Body expert for Soulgenic, offering on-line yoga videos and articles.

I truly believe life is what you make of it and if you want a life full of fun, excitement and adventure, then that’s what you will attract!

Through my yoga classes, you learn to dissolve stress, find ease in your body and mind and plug in to a higher source. If you allow it to, these practices can help you become more than you ever thought possible. To get started, check out my freebies – from yoga videos to meditation tracks – right here.

Yoga Nidra has been instrumental in helping me create the life of my dreams – try it for yourself right here.

Quirky Facts

Well since we’re friends now, let’s get better acquainted…

I was born in a tiny, remote village in Namibia. The registrar was about a two-day drive away from our house, so I was only officially registered about six months later!

My first language is French. With my father’s job, we moved all around the world and I learned to speak English when we moved to Canada. English was my fourth language after French, Portuguese and Spanish. I am not American or Canadian – I’m officially Belgian and South African!

As soon as I set eyes on my husband, I knew he was the one. I definitely believe in love at first sight.

I have a thing about the ocean, waterfalls and sunsets (and yoga photos in all these spots!).

I’m not ashamed to say that I finished watching ‘Orange is the New Black’ and ‘Breaking Bad’ at a rather unhealthy speed. I’m strangely fascinated with any programmes set in prisons. I think I may have been in prison in a previous life!

I have been vegan for five years and vegetarian for 10 years before that.

I love good coffee, smoked tofu and avocados.

I grew up being told I could be and do anything I wanted to in life… and I fiercely believe it’s never too late to begin again. Fear should never hold you back from doing anything you want. So, are you ready to live the life you’ve always wanted?

Check out my Yoga Nidra Nidra track for Manifestation to find out how.

My Qualifications

Strala Guide certification, with Tara Stiles
200-hour RYT Vinyasa Flow certification, with Mercedes Ngoh
100-hour Yoga Nidra certification, with Barbara Kuendig
Hands-on healing intensive course, Inner Potential Centre London
Monroe Institute, Gateway programme (Out of Body Exploration)
Meditation courses and intensives, College of Psychic Studies London
Masters, International Journalism, University College Falmouth
Post-graduate course, International Trade Law
LLB, Law with French Law, Kingston Law School


I regularly write articles for leading yoga and fitness magazines and on-line platforms, including:

Rosalie e'Silva Media

Please check out the links below for samples of my work. If you would like to collaborate, please get in touch.

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