Morning Meditation | 3-minute guided meditation

If you feel like you don’t have time to meditate in the morning, this guided morning meditation is just for you. It’s amazing how just 3 minutes can make a massive difference to your day. This morning meditation is designed to help infuse your day with more ease, joy and fun.

My day always runs better when I take the time in the morning to do this – I created it for myself, but love being able to share it with all of you.. I hope you find value in it too!

It’s on those crazy busy days that you probably need this even more. So carve out just three minutes, find a comfortable seat and hit play… you’ll thank yourself for it later!

Full Moon Yoga

Full Moon Yoga and Meditation Class at Cabana

What an incredible start to 2018 with not one, but two super moons! With so much lunar energy in the air, it’s the perfect time for a Full Moon Yoga and Meditation class.

But this Full Moon class will be extra special… 

I’ve teamed up with the stunning Cabana beach club in Repulse Bay and will be hosting a Full Moon Yoga and Meditation class on Saturday, 3rd February from 10-2pm. The view from the rooftop (our yoga space!) is absolutely breath-taking.

Here’s what you can expect…

10:00 – 11.00: Lunar Yoga Class

11.00- 11.15: Full Moon Guided Meditation

11.30: Fresh juices and fruit

11.30 – 2.00pm: Relax on Cabana’s roof-top, including soaking in the Japanese hot tubs

Lunar Yoga Class

The yoga class is designed to invite all the qualities of the full moon into your yoga practice – that soft, expansive and powerful energy of the moon. Keeping everything soft and fluid, we’ll flow through a variation of moon salutations and a gentle flow. This stretchy, feel-good flow will help help you tap into a deeper sense of well-being and feel great in your body.

Full Moon Guided Meditation

We’ll finish with a guided meditation to help you set your intentions for the coming month. This is such a powerful way to align yourself with whatever it is you want to manifest in your life.

Fresh juices and fruit

A selection of fresh fruit and juices will be served on the rooftop after class.

Use of Cabana’s stunning roof-top

After class, you can relax on the loungers and enjoy the stunning the views from the rooftop. You can also have a soak in the Japanese hot tubs and drink in this uber-luxurious setting.

Important Notice

Please note that the roof-top will be heated, but I would advise bringing a soft warm top and cosy socks. Please also bring your own yoga mat for the class. If you don’t have a mat, please message me and I will arrange one for you.

I really hope you can join us for a bit of full moon magic – this is a day you don’t want to miss!

Feel free to drop me an message if you have any questions.

Investment: HK$700

Book your spot here.

Yoga Nidra Workshop at SharedSpace

Yoga Nidra Workshop at SharedSpace

I’m so excited to team up with SharedSpace in Hong Kong to bring you a Yoga Nidra workshop on 29th July from 2pm-4.30pm. It’s such a beautiful space!

If you don’t yet know what yoga nidra is all about, now is the time to try it! This is such an incredible practice – it’s hitting a pause button on your life! It helps you feel completely relaxed, focused and clear – and so much more.

Also known as yogic sleep, yoga nidra is one of the deepest forms of meditation. It’s a combination of allowing your body to relax while you keep your mind awake. By doing this, you reach a profound state of relaxation.

It’s a kind of internal yoga, practiced lying on your back with your eyes closed. The hardest part is actually staying awake! Yoga nidra enables you to let go of all ingrained tension and stress. But relaxation is just the beginning – yoga nidra can truly transform your life.

Practicing yoga nidra gives you access to your subconscious mind. It’s like opening a door to your inner world. Things your have suppressed start to bubble up to the surface. By bringing up things you didn’t even know were affecting you, yoga nidra enables you to release old thought patterns and behaviours. Your mind is also extremely receptive in this state, which is why we also work on manifestation during yoga nidra.

During the workshop, we’ll explore how yoga nidra works and the many benefits it has to offer. We’ll then do a gentle flow for around 45 minutes, designed to relax the body and release any tension.

You’ll then come into your most comfortable position as I guide you through an hour long session that will leave you feeling totally blissed out.  There will be time for questions at the end, over a cup of tea and treats.

The workshop includes a free 30-minute track that you can use to continue your practice at home. The workshop costs HK $500.

Places are limited – drop me a message to save your spot!

Body Scan Meditation – Relax in minutes

Melt away stress and anxiety in a matter of minutes with this simple body scan meditation. This is a great way to unwind after a busy day. The guided meditation allows you to completely relax in a matter of minutes.

This is also a great practice to do if your busy mind prevents you from sleeping! It helps you get our of your mind and into your body. After a few minutes you should feel relaxed enough to drift off into sleep.

This kind of guided body scan meditation is recommended by well known meditation teachers such Deepak Chopra.

And if you have more time to spare, then delve into even deeper relaxation with a yoga nidra session.

Download a free yoga nidra track and try it for yourself.

Meditation Made Simple – 5 minute guided meditation

Most of us have heard about the benefits of meditation, but just the idea of sitting still and trying not to think of anything may seem daunting – and perhaps even a bit dull.

Well just for a moment, forget everything you think about meditation and ask yourself if you would like to feel more focused, calmer and have great mental clarity than you’ve ever had? Would you like brilliant insights and ideas to just pop into your head? Would you like to sleep better and not let stress affect you as much? These are just a few of the incredible benefits of meditation – a simple, yet powerful practice that is in fact far from dull.

There are many meditation techniques and practices, but a a good place to start is this guided meditation.

You can also simply to focus on the breath. Follow these simple steps and get ready to start to reap the rewards of a regular mediation practice.

– Find a quiet spot to sit, either cross-legged on a cushion or on a chair if your back needs extra support. It’s a great idea to have a designated spot for meditation.

– Set a timer for a specified time – I suggest you start with five minutes and slowly build your way up to 15 minutes. Having a set amount of time helps your mind to settle.

– Place your palms comfortably on your lap or on your knees and allow your eyes to blink closed.

– Take a moment to make sure your body is completely relaxed – your forehead, your jaw, your shoulders, releasing any tension you might be holding on to.\

– Just start to notice the breath moving in and out of the body – feel how your body rises on the inhale and falls on the exhale.

– Begin to notice the subtle pauses between the breaths – at the top of the inhale and at the bottom of the exhale. Try to sit in the stillness of those pauses.

– If a thought comes into your mind, just acknowledge it and allow it to drift out of your mind. It’s sometimes nice to think about ‘blowing’ the thought away on the exhale or to imagine your thoughts like clouds and see the thought drift away. Don’t get frustrated with yourself – this is a normal part of the process.

– Continue to focus on your breath and the gaps in between the breath until the timer goes off.

At the end, bring your hands together at your heart space, let the corners of your mouth curl up into a smile and open your eyes.

Well done you – you’re on your way to a calmer, more zen you.

Three ways to reset a bad day

Sometimes you wake up feeling ah-mazing – you spring out of bed with a sense of excitement. Your favourite song pops up on the radio, your partner wakes you up with a latte and your hair just looks fab. Life feels good!

Others days… not so much. You feel tired and heavy getting out of bed, there is no hot water and you burn your toast. Your hair won’t cooperate, you feel grumpy and wish you could crawl back under the duvet and stay there forever.

It’s so easy to let this rocky start snowball and take over the rest of your day. You could let your bad mood gather momentum and taint every experience that day. You could walk around with a dark cloud over your head and proclaim it to be ‘one of those days’. OR, you could try something else. You could decide to stop your bad mood in its tracks.

How, you may ask? Well, here are my top three (tried and tested) ways to feel better, lighter and happier in minutes…


Yep, naps are brilliant! Not only do they give you a boost of energy, but they also allow you swipe the slate clean. Set your alarm for up to 20 minutes, get comfortable and let everything go. Create some space between you and what happened before, between you and your kids, bosses, partners, everything.

When the alarm goes off, take a few moments to set your intention for the rest of your day. Forget about what happened before – this is your chance to start afresh.


As you stand under the shower, visualise the water washing away any old, tired or negative energy. Imagine all that old energy being drained away (it might help to visualise it as the colour grey). If you can bear it, make the water colder for the last few moments – you’ll feel even more energised and refreshed afterwards.


Just a couple of minutes of meditation can completely change the course of your day. It helps you clear your mind, be more focused and more present. Try this 2-minute guided meditation to help you release stress and feel more relaxed.

Now hopefully the dark cloud has cleared and you’re on course for a great day ahead!