VIDEO: Yoga Nidra Class with Rosalie e’Silva

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Hit the pause button and completely relax with this full-length yoga nidra class. We start off with a gentle flow before coming into savasana for a yoga nidra session. Cost: Approximately £12, US$15, €13

This full length Yoga Nidra class is designed to help your body deeply relax and your mind switch off. This simple yet profound practice will leave you feeling completely refreshed and blissed out.

We’ll first come onto a a gentle flow to open up the body and release any tension. This prepares us to enjoy the full benefits of the practice. And then we’ll lie down and come into our yoga nidra session.

I will be guiding your body to deeply relax as your mind stays awake and alert. This induces a complete state of relaxation. 

Suggested props: yoga mat
Optional props: blanket, eye pillow, bolster/ cushion
Duration: 53 minutes

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