Goodbye Jersey

This video montage is a little goodbye to all my lovely students in Jersey. It’s been a pleasure and absolute privilege teaching classes, privates, workshops and retreats on this little rock in the English Channel!

I’ve learned so much from all of you. When I arrived about 18 months ago, I was quite a new teacher. Class by class, I learned how to teach in the moment, feel the energy of a room and just go with the flow (winging a lot of it!). This was a huge learning for me as a I’m an absolute perfectionist and the first classes I taught were all scripted from start to finish!

I got to the point where I could walk into a room and just decide what to do on the spot. I remember being so impressed by this idea when Mercedes Ngoh Sieff told us that is how she taught. I did my yoga teacher training with her (she is an amazing teacher – if you live in London, check out her classes at Triyoga) and thought this was something I could never do.

But you have taught me that I could in fact do this and some of my best classes were made up on the spot. So thank you. Thank you for trusting in me. Thank you for every smile, every laugh and for helping me grow as a yoga teacher and ex-perfecionsit!

I loved every minute flowing, stretching and laughing with you on the mat. I wish you all the best of luck on the mat and beyond.

I may be heading off to Hong Kong, but will keep posting yoga videos on my channel so we can keep practicing together. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Facebook to keep in touch!

Thank you for all the amazing memories. You guys rock.


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