Detox yoga series

In yoga, we use twists to wipe the slate clean – to get rid of the old and make room for the new.  This detox yoga series is your chance to let go of any limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and habits.  Let it all go and create some space for all the good stuff!  You’ll feel lighter and more able to invite change into your life.

This is part one of my three-part detox series.

Each video is between 1o -15 minutes long and will released on Tuesdays. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you never miss a video!

Letting go of physical stuff also makes room for new things to come into your life. In preparation for our imminent move to Hong Kong, I’ve been doing a massive purge of all my worldly belongings, letting go of years of accumulated STUFF. Everything is going – from clothes (yes, even yoga clothes!), books and furniture. When I finish I reckon I’ll have let go of 75% of my things! And it feels INCREDIBLE. Letting go of all the old to make room for the new… and only keeping the things I truly LOVE.

I will make a video soon about the simple formula I use to decide what to keep and what to chuck! In the meantime, I’d love too hear how you get on with the detox yoga series!

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