5 minute yoga for beginners

This 5 minute yoga class for beginners is for those days when you don’t have much time, but feel like you need to get your energy moving! Perfect first thing in the morning or for that mid-day slump.

This is exactly what my personal practice looks like when I’m short on time. This sequence is for all levels and is designed to leave you feeling refreshed and raring to go!

Let me know how you get on and if you have any video requests.




Yoga Nidra HK

Yoga Nidra at HK’s biggest yoga festival

I’m over the moon to be standing alongside some of HK’s most talented yoga teachers at the upcoming IRIS festival where I’ll be leading a yoga nidra session! It’s an absolute honour and privilege to be a part of this two-day yoga and wellness extravaganza. If you’re in Hong Kong on 13-14th May, this is an event you just simply can’t miss!

I’m a big believer in making things happen and this is one of those things that I poured myself into to manifest.

As soon as I saw the IRIS announcement on Instagram, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. And so I made it happen. How? Well, mainly due to the way I practice Yoga Nidra for Manifestation. And funnily enough, what got me there is also what I’ll be teaching on the day!

Just looking at the line-up is exciting! There will more than 60 classes over the course of the weekend, including yoga, meditation and fitness.

I love the ethos behind the event too – it’s all about raising Hong Kong’s collective consciousness. How cool is that?

Make sure to join in the fun and book your tickets here.



Full Moon Yoga Class in Hong Kong

I’m so excited to be leading my very first full moon yoga class in Hong Kong. Those who have practiced with me – either in person or on-line – know that I have a ‘thing’ for the full moon.

Why you might ask? Well, the full moon is incredibly powerful and every month it presents us the opportunity for personal transformation. Let me explain…

During every full moon, all our emotions are amplified and exaggerated – the positive and the negative. So if you’re feeling good, you will feel really good. The flip side to that is that is feeling a bit off, you will feel really off!

So it’s really important to pay attention to what you’re feeling and thinking.

If you allow them to, suppressed feelings will start to surface. All those stuck emotions (the ones you try to push back and deny) will become very apparent. It’s a bit like shining the light on your ‘shadow side.’

But rather than pushing those feelings back down, the full moon gives you the opportunity to acknowledge them, process them and let them go once and for all.

Yoga + full moon = magic

Yoga helps this process even more. It’s on the mat that all those repetitive patterns and limiting beliefs are revealed to us.

Pay attention to your thoughts during your practice – are you judging yourself for not being flexible enough, strong enough, or ‘good’ enough? Do you give up before you trying because you’re afraid of failing? Are you constantly comparing yourself to the person in front of you? Pay attention to your inner dialogue.

But also pay attention to your body – where do you feel tight? Where do you need to create more space? Ask your body what is stuck in that place. A lot of emotions get stuck in the hips, the heart space and the lower back. Seek out those places and try to feel what is there and why it’s there. This is your ‘stuff’.

If is being revealed to you, you are ready to let that stuff go. This is a meditation I often do on the night of a full moon…

Clearing Meditation

Sit in stillness directly under the moon light – outside is ideal, but if it’s not possible, sit in front of an open window. Allow your body and your mind to settle. Focus on your breathing.

Once your mind is quiet start to connect to the moon’s energy. Feel it all around you. Feel it’s soothing, calming energy on your skin. Don’t rush. Now allow that energy to penetrate your skin. Invite it it. Drink it in.

Visualise this bright, pure energy flowing through every cell in every part of your body. Really feel it shining brightly into all those dark corners of your body. Pay extra attention to any parts where you know you have some stuck emotions.

Drink it in until you are completely full of this brilliant white light.

Now visualise this pure energy start to radiate outwards – to the front, to the back, above you, beneath you, to the right and to the left. Sit now in this big bubble of pure lunar energy.

Stay here as long as you feel like it and recharge from the inside out. When you’re ready slowing bring your awareness back to your body and open your eyes.

And that is how I tap into and use the full moon’s super powers.

I often do this meditation after a few rounds of moon salutation. Check out the video for a little preview, or click here for the full version. Or even better, come to my Full Moon Yoga class in Tamar Park on 11th April at 6.30pm – the class is free!


10 Minute Yoga Full Body Workout

I have a new video for you today – a 10 minute yoga full body workout! Perfect for those days when you’re short on time, but still want to get your yoga mat. In just 10 minutes, these yoga exercises will stretch the hamstrings, hips and shoulders – all places where we tend to hold on to tension.

I had so much fun filming this on the roof terrace of our new apartment in Hong Kong. Let me know what you think about the location – I thought there would be more background noise, but my microphone seems to have done a great job at not picking up the planes, cranes and boats!

If you like the spot, then I’ll continue filming out there…

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Hope to practice with you soon – in person or online!

VIDEO: Strala Morning Yoga Flow

Strala Morning Yoga Flow…. You know those days when everything seems to work out perfectly? You feel motivated, ideas come to you easily and  you’re super productive? Don’t we all love those days?!

Have you ever wondered why that particular day turned out so well? It’s usually not about how great your hair looks (although it can be) or that amazing breakfast you had.

For me anyway, it’s about making myself feel good before I start my day. The best way of getting there (for me) is through Strala yoga. I’m not talking about a long session – I wouldn’t be able to commit to that! This about squeezing in 10 minutes before you get busy. 10 minutes is all that stands between you and that perfect day.

A simple Strala flow to connect to your breath, get your energy moving and create some space in your body… And today I’m sharing my go-to flow with you. Enjoy!

I also have other Strala videos up on my YouTube channel – check them out!

Now I’d love to hear from you – what do you to set yourself up for a great day ahead? Let me know in the comments below!


One Dundas – my temporary Hong Kong home

This isn’t my normal yoga video, but I thought it would be nice to show you around One Dundas, our temporary home in Hong Kong! So come on in!

We’ve been in HK for almost three weeks now are loving this crazy, hectic city. There is so much going on – everyday brings a flurry of new experiences, new food, new friends, new sights. It’s so much fun discovering a new place and Hong Kong is going to keep me occupied for years to come.

Oh and did I mention the yoga scene?!? It’s MASSIVE. There are so many classes, studios and great instructors. And events – big yoga events! It’s an amazing feeling to be a part of it. If you missed it, I posted a video of a charity event I went to at the weekend called Yoga Stops Traffic.

Speaking of yoga, I know I’ve been a bit slack on my YouTube videos and will posting a weekly video again from next Tuesday, 14th March. So if you haven’t yet, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for your weekly dose of yoga with me!

If you have any video requests, let me know! In the meantime, enjoy the tour of our little slice of Hong Kong.