Arm balance tutorial – Baby crow pose

I taught an arm balance flow at YogaUP a few days ago and was reminded how much I love baby crow pose! This is such a ‘cute’ little arm balance!

But more than that, it helps you build your confidence and strength to come into full crow pose (on your hands). When I first started practicing crow pose, the fear of falling flat on my face really held me back. But the fear of falling is taken away in baby bakasana as you’re only a few centimetres away from the ground.

And by practicing this pose, you’re focusing on building a strong foundation in crow pose. When you’re ready to come into the full crow pose, check out my top tips right here.

Watch the video to find out the five key things to work on to fly your baby crow! 

If you do try the pose after watching the tutorial, I’d love to see it!

So snap a photo and share it on Instagram – make sure to tag me @rosiyogi so I can see it!

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