Moving forward in 2018, I will be teaching online for Soulgenic and at one-off events in Hong Kong. The next one coming up is at the Garden Gathering where I’ll  be offering a ‘Yoga nidra – Afternoon reset’ class on 8th December.



My classes are open to all levels and are designed to leave you feeling empowered, uplifted and deeply relaxed.

Yoga Nidra is one of the deepest forms of meditation and cultivates a sense of deep calm, stillness and clarity. Your body will be guided to completely relax, but your mind will stay alert. In this awakened state, you are able to let go of deeply ingrained tension and start to manifest your deepest desires.

Full Moon Yoga & Meditation is a slower paced Vinyasa practice that includes moon salutations, a restorative sequence, and ends with a deliciously long savasana and guided meditation. This soothing, practice invites you to slow down, recharge and set your intention for the coming month.


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Looking for a day of complete relaxation?

53 Hoi Ha is a unique yoga and wellness retreat located in the idyllic setting of Hoi Ha Wan within the Sai Kung country park. The setting is absolutely beautiful and provides the perfect backdrop to unwind, relax and reset.

I will be teaching a few classes at day retreats hosted by 53 Hoi Ha throughout 2018.

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